Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ely-to-CR Connection to be Completed Later This Year

According to an article in The Cedar Rapids Gazette, the Iowa DOT has awarded the bid to finish the HNT link between Ely and Cedar Rapids to Vieth Construction. The 1.08 mile asphalt-paved trail will run from Ely Road in Cedar Rapids to the new Ely City Park. The project is scheduled to be completed later this year (weather-permitting) at a cost of $303,270.


Clint said...

What is the latest on the trail as a whole? Especially the southern (south of I-80) parts of the trail? Who is maintaining the trail south of West Branch? Does the INHF still employ summer work on the trail and maintain it - I know they used to through a grant but that was year's ago? Are there still individuals involved from West Liberty and Columbus Jct.? Any info would be great!

Phillip Luebke said...


I just added a few updates that I gleaned from the internet, but I live out-of-state now, so I'm not as up-to-date on what is going on with the trail. I met with a gentleman who was on the old Friends of Hoover Nature Trail organization (I think it was Terry Dahms) before I started this blog, and from what I remember, the situation south of West Branch is pretty bleak. Portions of the trail have reverted to private ownership and many of the portions that are there are not maintained.