Thursday, October 18, 2007

Entire Hoover Nature Trail Now Mapped in Google Earth/Maps

Earlier this year I painstakingly mapped the entire Hoover Nature Trail in Google Earth by simply looking at the satellite imagery. I am just now getting around to posting it here. I started in West Branch, so I ended up with two sections, a north section and a south section. I am not very experienced at Google Earth, KML/KMZ or computer mapping, so I did not know how to link the two sections to create just one continuous trail. If there is someone out there who can "fix" my map or one-up me, please do.

One of the cool things about this exercise is how the route of the former rail line is still fairly evident, even in places where landowners have tried to wipe out any trace of it. If you have Google Earth, you can download my KMZ files, fly over the trail, and see exactly what I am talking about.

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